How can we fight wound infection?

As we always say, prevention is better than cure. Giving proper wound care will protect your child from Staphyloccocus aureus or Staphy, the culprit behind wound infection

The first thing you must check is if the wound is bleeding. If so, apply a steady but gentle pressure on the wound with a sterile bandage to prevent further bleeding. Elevate the area if necessary. Make sure your hands are clean when doing all of these.

Once bleeding has stopped, remove dirt and debris from the injury and wash it with clean water and soap. Keep the wound and the surrounding area clean and free from further contamination.

Apply a thin even layer of Fusidic acid / Fusidate sodium (Fucidin®) on the surface to aid the skin's healing process and protect against infections caused by Staphy

After applying Fusidic acid / Fusidate sodium (Fucidin®), cover it with a sterile bandage to protect the wound from dirt, irritation and contamination. Change dressing as needed.

After doing all these, monitor your child's wound for signs of infection. If symptoms persist, please consult your doctor.

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